A quick guide on how to use a defibrillator.

Defibrillators or AEDs are now widely available for use by the general public in the event of an individual having a cardiac arrest. They are located in the workplace, in supermarkets and even on the side of the street in some cases. They are simple to use and automated to ensure a shock can only be delivered in appropriate circumstances.  Check out the video above to see how easy they are to use. Then go to the location of your nearest AED and familiarise yourself with it including:

Is it in a locked cabinet?

Does an alarm sound? (don’t be concerned if there is an alarm)

Is there an extra pocket with scissors, wipes, gloves, extra pads?

Does a indicator show that it is ready for use, such as a flashing green light or a green tick sign.

Some of the more common AEDs are displayed below – 


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