“They should teach CPR in schools”

“This really should be taught in schools across the country”

One of the most common discussion points when teaching local community groups first aid, is that the same courses should be performed in schools. It makes sense, there is plenty of scope in the academic calendar, the facilities in terms of classrooms are already allocated and an eager audience awaits. So we set about running a one day program to transition year students in Bush Post Primary school whereby three of our tutors took the students through a course in:

  • When and how to perform CPR.
  • How to use a defibrillator (AED).
  • How to deal with trauma events such as bleeds, broken bones and concussion.
  • How to recognise and respond to several medical emergencies such as anaphylaxis, seizures or poisoning.

Engagement throughout the day was really good. Feedback from parents was also really positive.

It’s not a compulsory part of the curriculum. Maybe that is something worth consideration. Students at second level are well capable especially those in the senior cycle. Primary school is a step too far as in most cases the power required to perform high quality chest compressions is beyond their strength.

In the case of Bush Post Primary, we are looking forward to returning to the school in October 2021 to complete the same training with the next group of transition year students.

See more about the training by visiting https://bpps.ie/index.php/about/news/472-health-co-ty-first-aid-training

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